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Valencia Marathon

My Mum and Dad always told me it was dangerous to meet people from the Internet, so who knows what they thought about me going to run a Marathon in Valencia with a group of people I’d met on Instagram 😂 But, it was one of the best weekends EVER with a group of absolutely… Continue reading Valencia Marathon

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Self Love is the Hardest

‘I love myself’ is hard for most of us to say out loud or admit to in any way. The concept of loving yourself is sometimes a difficult one to get your head around, with the popular misconception that loving yourself is really just self indulgent adulation. Personally, I’ve always struggled with this and very… Continue reading Self Love is the Hardest

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How to deal with setbacks

Everything is going well, you are killing your workouts, riding that Positivity Train with a massive smile on your face and then bang, out of nowhere it happens….the dreaded setback of an injury.  It’s like a battery running out with no warning, the Positivity train screeches to a halt and within minutes those sneaky little… Continue reading How to deal with setbacks

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Go and get yourself a cup of tea, put your feet up and relax while I tell you a little story about 40 runners who started off as strangers but finished as friends………..this could take a while Back in March (which seems like a lifetime ago) we had a conversation about putting forward a @whatifirunwithyou… Continue reading #Whatifirunragnarwithyou

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London Marathon Race Report

I was going to write about the road to London Marathon but for anyone that has read my previous Marathon Blogs it was along the same lines as the last 2 and can be summarised as:  Training going well. Sub 4 on the cards. Injured. Down. Get back training. New time goals. New Injury. Time… Continue reading London Marathon Race Report